Tuesday Feb 20

A Beautiful February afternoon in South Wales

So there we are in our garden,

enjoying some early spring sun, and this huge motorbike pulls up. The guy yanks a massive envelope from his panniers and strides over, looking like Darth in his helmet…

He says “Mark forgot to drop this off, so I thought I’d deliver it on my way home…”

It looked like he was delivering sealed orders to the Pentagon. All the neighbours were looking through their windows to see if we’d won the Lottery or something!

We took the envelope inside to examine it. “Hmmm… USA postmark… formal customs labels…contents descriptor…”

I visualised all the cop movies I’d seen, and sniffed the seal for traces of C4 or Semtex. ‘…Seems clean – no obvious wires or batteries…’

Oh well here goes…

 Find out what all the fuss is about!

Speak soon, Richard