Guess what I just went and did?

I’ve just signed up for a 6-week DAILY intense mentoring and support program, to be run personally by the CEO of Internet Profits, Dean Holland, for any of his certified and licensed partners.


This is a serious financial investment for me costing about $1000. 

“…So why did you do it?” I hear you ask!

Because this $1000 investment at the start of 2018 is going to allow me clarify my goals and strategy for the year, and will help to motivate and inspire me to earn many times this figure in the next 12 months.

Well, maybe this quote will resonate with you? It’s from Dean’s new FREE book (available days from now)

“…While most people think they have a traffic problem and struggle to get traffic as an affiliate, the truth is that the real problem lies in not making enough money back from the traffic we can get…”

He’s obviously talking all about ROI there, or Return On Investment if you are new to all this jargon?

All successful businesses function as a result of positive ROI.
(of course they do – it’s called ‘profit’!)

But profit is NOT simply  “Overall Sales MINUS the Cost of Advertising”  True profit is the amount of money remaining AFTER ALL EXPENSES have been subtracted.

I’m talking here about the following…

  • all your software subscriptions
  • your autoresponder fees
  • office maintainence costs
  • electricity and gas
  • phone bills and internet connection
  • transport and printing costs
  • etc etc

So if you make $200 ‘profit’ on a advertising campaign, what happens to that profit when you deduct the above?

You probably make a loss…

This was one of the earliest lessons that Dean taught me. 

( I call this “BS-Buster Number One © ” 🙂  WATCH OUT FOR FUTURE ‘BS-Buster’ ICONS IN MY POSTS… )

Marketing is full of BS, and one of MY MISSIONS is to expose and destroy as much of it as possible. Dean has a similar vision to me, which is one of the reasons he is a mentor of mine. 

He regularly helps and supports his certified affiliates all the way, showing them better methods of promoting his products so he can sustain his business, whilst at the same time enabling them to earn substantial commissions via his sales funnels.

He is very ‘hands on’ in his business, often going far out of his way to spend a few minutes with a new partner who is stuck, and sorting out problems as they occur.

He is rigorous in his attention to detail, which for someone like me who loves instant results can be very frustrating 🙂

The original Big Commissions Blueprint Course was a series of eleven videos, all at least 30 minutes long!
Seriously…ELEVEN! (Don’t worry – he sorted out the over-explanations out a long time ago!)

Over the years I have learned loads from Dean, including not to focus down on detail at the start.

Because another of his quotes  is “don’t get it perfect – get it going”

Too much attention to detail early on can easily sabotage the whole project when we become lost in tweaking everything as we go.

I have written two thriller novels in my life. 

The first one took nearly four years, because I kept going back over it after writing a few pages and re-writing them. The second novel, however, just flew along because my goal was quite simply 1500 words per day – nothing else, and I completed the first draft of 75k words in just over a month.

Although the best results usually come via attention to detail, what I have learned from my writing is to get a working version going first BEFORE doing the tweaks.

I became involved with Dean Holland’s Internet Profits back in 2013, when I spotted his starter course called ‘The Big Commission Blueprint’, buried in one of those free rotator programs. You know the ones that get your ad seen by others every time you click on one of theirs?

I was drawn by Dean’s transparency and openness in the sales video, which was later confirmed when I met him. I trust the guy to deliver.

I have now read his new FREE book which is due out in a few days time, and I firmly believe it’s a fantastic way to start an online marketing career.  SO if you are planning to go marketing online this year, get a copy of this FREE instruction manual to get you started.

‘Learn as you earn’.

If you follow the recommendations in this book, you will avoid the many of the costly pitfalls and mistakes. I for one would love to have been able to read it before I started, but now you can.


I  will guarantee to get a FREE copy of this book sent to you when you subscribe to my blog, and I will personally ensure that it gets posted straight to your mailbox as soon as it is published.

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The book is being printed as I write this post, so first come – first served…

I hope we speak soon