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5 SIMPLE Bedrock Tools for Earning Daily Affiliate Commissions


The First Thing to know is that Affiliate Marketing isn’t complicated – that’s a relief?

In fact it’s very simple. I’ll show you how simple in just a moment.


But first let me tell you that, like most systems on the internet, there are people out there who always try to mystify and complicate things, so they can charge you money to simplify them again.

I can guarantee that if you Googled ‘Affiliate Marketing’ right now (don’t do it now, though!) you’d immediately be bombarded with emails all telling you how complicated it is.

salesYou know those endless sales letters in black, yellow and red? The ones where you end up scrolling for hours to find the price and the opt-in form at the end? Have you ever read one of those all the way through? Hardly anyone does…

They have all those testimonials in them with photographs of very happy people who bought ‘This Amazing Product’ and are now earning $1000s every second from it.

It’s called BS. Don’t bother doing that. Just read my post instead.

How do I know all this?

Because I’ve done it myself.

IMtip1All the best gamekeepers used to be poachers once. That’s how they know all the tricks and tips on what to avoid.

I’ve promoted simple concepts dressed up as exclusive online courses that take weeks to complete.  Nobody ever completes them because it’s impossible. About an hour in and you can  spot the same old pattern emerging.

You will need to buy the next product in order to learn the secret stuff.

But do you know what? Most people are more intelligent than we give them credit for, and the best way to infuriate a bright person is to treat them like an idiot. Guaranteed to piss them off very quickly.


So let’s continue to keep it Simple

I like Simple…and the simplest way to success with Affiliate Marketing is to set yourself up a basic system before you start.


Here’s the The Simple Affiliate Model


(No not that sort of model…)


Some Things To Bear in Mind

  1. Understand first how Affiliate Marketing works by reading this post.
  2. Know, use and like the products you promote if possible. Or at least research them or have them recommended by someone you can trust. Don’t promote anything just because it’s trending, because if something is trending it will usually un-trend again pretty quickly. You’ll be giving yourself more work finding another new product.
  3. Same point really, but avoid products with a short shelf life. Exclusivity Marketing relies on rarity and the likelihood that if you don’t buy this now it’s gone forever. I call these products ‘Farts in a Thunderstorm’.
  4. Similarly, try not to date-tie anything you do on Splash Pages and websites, because they will become obsolete. I made the mistake of putting dates and prices into a video series recently, and had to edit and re-shoot the videos before I could re-purpose them. Big NO NO


Now Here’s Your 5 SIMPLE Bedrock Tools for Earning Daily Affiliate Commissions

  • A Tracker
  • A Blog
  • Social Media (FB/Twitter etc) Engagement (free Traffic)
  • A Bridge Page to your Opt-in Form
  • Traffic/Leads/Conversions Training


    1. Tracking Software

The reason I started with tracking is because, In my opinion, the most important part of Affiliate Marketing is being able to see clearly what is working and more importantly, what isn’t.

lotteryNo matter how great the traffic is, if you don’t know where it comes from, how much it costs and how well it performs in real marketing conditions, then you aren’t running a business, you are playing an expensive lottery.

There are several good tracking systems out there, but the one I personally use and recommend is ClickMagick, and you can get a FREE One-Month Trial on this link.  And yes – I am an affiliate.  

The reason I use CM is that it has brilliant Help and Support, as well as very thorough tutorials to get you through difficult areas. It’s a good starter tracking program with some very powerful tools like Organic Tracking, which allows you to track non-sales links at the same time. They all offer this feature, but I like the way CM explains how it works and how and WHY you should implement it.


    2. The next thing to set up is a blog.

This will become a hub site where you can air and share what’s happening and let other people do the same.

I personally don’t use my blog as a selling platform, although I will occasionally talk about products that can help you with your marketing.

The important thing about the Blog is that this is your hub and your branding.  I personally like to know who I am dealing with, and nothing annoys me more than a blog with no photos or contact details. I always click away fast. I  don’t think intelligent people go to anonymous sites, and it’s the smart people I am looking to engage with.

There are many great tutorials out there on how to set up a WordPress blog for free, and why to get your own domain to host it on. I will do a tutorial on this soon.


    3. Social Media Marketing

Once you have these two things set up, then the next places to tweak are your Social Media sites. This is where you hottest traffic will come from, and it won’t cost you a penny. You will be looking to engage with at least 3 people per day in a meaningful way. Not by pitching at them, but by asking questions and getting them to ‘lean forward’. You can do this on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube very successfully. I personally find Twitter a great place to initialise engagement, but it needs to be nurtured.


    4. Your Bridge Page

 This is quite simply a page which will double the engagement you get with your traffic, by softening the pitch for you.

You know when you see a banner talking about an offer? It’s really just a catchy advert with very little information in it. If people click on there and get taken straight to an opt-in form (for their email address) or even worse, a direct order form for the product, they will probably run away. I know I usually do!

Affiliate merchants may offer you their own bridge pages, but if you are branding yourself then it will pay you dividends to make your own.

It’s very easy and free… you can use any free html editor for this. I use MS Expression Web which came free with a Microsoft Office product, and it does all that is required .

bridgeHere’s one I made for my Cartooning Course ►

If you are OK with video, make a 30 to 60 second video and talk with enthusiasm about what you are offering. Trust me, this will sky-rocket your opt-ins, because now people have a face and a name, and their BS defences will come down a bit. But even without a video, a well-crafted piece of text can do the same job – maybe with a photo.

If you need to learn how to embed a video on a page Here’s How


    5. Free and Paid Traffic

(Here’s an excuse to show you another of my Bridge Pages…)

I cover this subject in  My FREE 2-Day Traffic and Conversions Course 

There are also many posts on here about how to generate both free and paid traffic.

I hope this post has helped somebody get going with Affiliate Marketing.

NOW – Please go straight to THIS POST as it has some more important affiliate marketing TIPS

Just for the record

I don’t think Affiliate Marketing is dead and gone, but I do think there’s a lot of insane nonsense out there which is causing people to lose trust in ethical marketing generally, which is a shame. I still believe you can be a great marketer, make a good living and help people at the same time.  And most importantly – enjoy it.




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