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3 Branding Tips that Cultivate Your Passion

Guest Author – Ryan Biddulph

This week, I’m very pleased to welcome Ryan Biddulph to my blog.

For the few of you who haven’t heard of Ryan… where have you been!

I’m kidding of course, but for the last 5 years he’s been exploring many of the most beautiful parts of our world with his wife Kelli – here they are in Nepal.

You can visit Ryan’s ‘Blogging From Paradise’ after you read his post. I’ll put a link at the end so you can see just how much travelling they get through.

(By the way – whilst researching this, I just noticed he’s also been to Shanghai. I can tell you from my three trips there –  that’s a ‘must see’ city!)

How has he managed to do all this? By becoming an expert blogger – period!

I have followed Ryan’s blog for a couple of years now, and read some of his awesome blogging eBooks – I even reviewed one of them on Amazon last year.  Like Ryan, I share a love for visiting exotic places whenever I can. He, however, does it virtually all the time. Now that’s cool!

We have chatted a few times, and it’s very clear to us both, that we have similar views about marketing.  I often bang on about ‘Passion’ and ‘Branding’ on here and elsewhere as you know. Ryan is also passionate about what he does, so it made sense to ask him for his take on it.

Here it is…


Sounds boring, right?

Why do you need to brand, anyway? Isn’t that for Apple and Google and Nike and all those billion dollar companies?


Branding helps you become memorable. Even if you see yourself as a small potatoes blogger. The best bloggers build brands, first, then they build their blogs around their brands.

But being memorable is just one powerful benefit of branding.

Another sweet byproduct of building a brand is uncovering your passions.

Some may be long lost passions you enjoyed as a kid. Others may be newfound loves that you simply never discovered until this stage in your life.

I became a ham through branding. Not literally. Although I do pack on a few pounds when in locales like Bali and Thailand where one must get around via motorbike. I also uncovered a deep love for writing by building my Blogging From Paradise brand.

Let’s see how establishing your brand can help you find your passions.

1: Do More Video

Do more video.


Recording more videos – of your talking head – can do 1 of 2 things:

  • let the natural ham in you out
  • bring self conscious stuff to the surface

I had to bring self conscious beliefs to the surface before I became a ham.

Being a ham is a passion of mine. I love performing for the camera. But I never would have known this unless I dove into the popular branding strategy of adding video to your blogging campaign.

Shoot your first Facebook Live video today. Upload an HD video to YouTube.

See what happens.

2: Let Your Design Shine

Let your blog design shine.

Build a powerhouse brand.

Cultivate previously undiscovered passions.

When adding 1 of my 46 million selfies to my sidebar I noticed something: one, I really like to take pictures of myself (not quite on the Kardashian Scale….yet) and two, I genuinely enjoy snapping pictures. I may not land the perfect shot but have a ball experimenting with lighting, angles and preserving postcard-worthy images from tropical paradises all around the world.

Play around with your blog design. Even if a professional handles your design for you dive into conceptualizing your blog layout. Toy around with images and logos. Tweak it. Even if you don’t have a web design bone in your body you will be getting clearer on your brand and also finding passions you had no idea existed.

3: Write 1000 Words Daily to Find Your Blogging Voice

You wouldn’t think practising writing has to do with branding, would ya?

It sure has heck does.

Writing 1000 words daily – in a Word document for practice – helps you find your writing voice. Or allows your writing voice to arise. There is no greater tool in your branding arsenal than writing in your clear, concise, one of a kind writing voice and you will best be able to give voice to your passion when you write as only *you* can write.

Write, write and write some more. Maybe the Hemingway in you will come out (minus the booze-hounding, hopefully). Or maybe the clown in you will arise. I was a pretty serious dude throughout much of my adult life. Writing frequently to add potency to my brand helped me find the humorous little kid that was begging to come out and play for all these years. I also developed a genuine passion for writing.

Your Turn

Are you diving into these 3 tips with relish? Or without?

What branding tips have you followed that helped you uncover your passions?

Thanks again for being a guest on my blog and revealing those vital tips on branding your passion (note to self – ‘do more video’)

Here – as promised – is the link to Ryan’s blog  ‘Blogging From Paradise’


  1. Hi Richard.

    Who’s this Ryan Biddulph guy? Don’t think I’ve heard of him. 😉
    Just kidding. Ryan and I go back to last week. Ok, maybe a little farther back than that.

    Nice tips you have here, Ryan, as usual.

    Branding is so important and can make or break an online or offline venture. I want to make my name my brand, that’s why I still use my name as my blog domain. It’s easier if I decide to change directions down the road, instead of having to get a whole new domain and start from scratch again, for me anyway.

    I definitely do need to get back in front of the camera. I did a couple of videos for a couple of blog posts, because it would’ve taken forever to type it all out. One ended up being just under 8 minutes and was more of a rant due to an email I had received from a solo ad provider. I didn’t get a lot of comments on that one, only 22 including my replies, but that was more due to my lack of getting it out there across many platforms.

    Tip: Share your posts on Facebook, Twitter and the others and get on other blogs to get your word out there.

    The other one was a training video on how to secure your blog from hackers attempting to log in and was 20 minutes long. That one has 70 comments including my replies, and to this day my most commented on post.

    Like you, correct me if I’m wrong, I had an idea of what I wanted to talk about, then just ran with it. No scripted materials. It just came from inside.

    Tip: Get on camera. After you do it once, it gets easier and easier.

    I recently changed my logo to a more sci-fi like feel, my favorite movie and tv genre. I use a yellow colored font kind of like Star Wars with the Milky Way Galaxy as the background. Even my pictures on my latest posts have the same type of formatting. If it doesn’t work, I’ll change it again. I do need to make some color changes to the overall look of my blog, but that won’t take long, since I do know how to do some of the techy stuff. Lol.

    Still working on my writing voice for my blog. Been getting it for blog commenting, though, as you are well aware. I was never much of a writer, so it can still be a mental barrier at times, which I just need to work through. That’s why my blog isn’t as busy as it could be. Again, no one to blame but myself.

    Unfortunately, my mom and I are in the process of a major out of state move and I have limited time to go full force with everything I want to do. Once we are more settle in North Carolina, it will be easier for me to get on track again.

    Thanks for sharing these tips, Ryan.
    Thanks for having a great blogger on as a guest, Richard.

    Have a good one…….Chris
    Chris DeeWaard recently posted…Internet Marketing Versus Having a High IQMy Profile

    • Chris fabulous insight. As always. You are doing a fine job with blog commenting. Those mental blocks will arise at times but we just knife through them.

      You are moving to NC? Where? My cousin just moved to the Wilmington area. Kelli has relatives in Fuquay Varina, outside of Raleigh.

      Thanks for the comment!


      • Hi Ryan.

        Thanks and you’re welcome.
        Yes, N.C., in the Jacksonville area. My mom’s high school friend lives there. Also a couple of her kids live there. Her ex-hubby recently moved there, so we will know a few people.


    • So glad you dropped by Chris – you always give great feedback. I totally go with the video thing. I did loads a while back and sort of got out of the habit – so as Ryan says – ‘do a FB Live today! 🙂 Richard

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