7 Great Ways to narrow down your Focus and Ramp Up your Results

The fact is that the more thinly you try to spread your reach on the internet, attempting to interest anyone and everyone and draw them into your business, the less effective you will become.

You’ll notice the effects of random marketing reflected more and more in the amount of engagement you get on all your platforms. It will quickly start to diminish to zero.

coinTip 1 – 
Make THE Decision

For me, the key element in success comes from DECIDING to Succeed. You have to reach a point in your life where you know the exact direction you want to head off in.

It took me years to discover this simple thing.

I admire young people who seem to know this early on. They have had great parenting and teaching, and been made to feel good about themselves early on. They have been encouraged to cultivate self-esteem. Not everyone is so fortunate to have this early boost.

Once you know the direction you need to go in order to find your goal, then you will DECIDE easily to take the action necessary.

Later on you will see that this simple undertaking is the achievement itself – the resulting cash rewards and the great feelings of achievement are just a part of the process of fruition.

In other words, making that vital DECISION in the first place is where it all starts off. As long as you STICK to that decision then everything else will pan out.

crazyTip 2 – Stop with the ‘Hysterical Marketing’ right now.

I’ve done it myself in the past, madly emailing and posting out of pure desperation. We all have.

I’ve fired off emails like shotgun pellets, hoping that one of them might hit. The result has always been a jump in the number of unfollows on Twitter, huge drops in daily traffic to my blog and a drying up of likes, shares and comments on Facebook. And no sales…

It will result in zero ROI, because if people can’t quickly see what you are getting at, they’ll move on until they find somebody they can understand.

You can never hide desperation on line. It comes over in text and even more on video. Don’t do it.

relax1Tip 3 – Know when to back off.

If you are having a hard time, turn the computer OFF and go for a 5 mile walk in the woods.  Take a notebook with you and see what happens. Keep it in your pocket and sit down under a nice big tree.

Just let everything go. Breathe deeply and look around. Listen to the sounds around you and smell the perfume of the forest. Tune in to nature for a while and imagine a world with no computers. How did people manage?

They talked to each other. They socialised and chatted about their day and their dreams and problems. They found out from each other what they wanted and needed and they traded with each other, providing food, tools, livestock, clothing and all their other needs. They provided solutions to each other’s difficulties.

There no difference now. On line marketing is exactly the same.

passionTip 4 –  Discover Your Passion

Find the thing in your life which you feel most passionate about. Trying to market things you don’t care about will again come across to people and their BS Radar will sound a warning. They won’t have any idea why they don’t trust you or believe you but that’s what will happen.

Instead, try to think about ways of marketing the things you care about. For me that took a while to figure out. I was so busy marketing anything and everything that I didn’t stop to think about what I was marketing.

Many of the products I tried to sell in the past just didn’t work, such as Double Glazing, Kleeneze kitchenware, Servowarm central heating and so on.

There was nothing wrong with any of the products. I just didn’t care about them.

Two of the things in my life that I love doing are drawing cartoons and creating close-up magic tricks.

This year I started to create and market video courses in both these things and immediately had success. My enthusiasm came through in the way I wrote and spoke about them. I also have an air of expertise in both these areas because I have been doing them for many years.

I did a really nice VIDEO post a while back on this very topic – Here’s a LINK (watch it AFTER you’ve read this !! Come on – FOCUS…  ☺)

focus1Tip 5 – Focus Down on ONE THING

Stop all other activities completely in your marketing, and focus solely on the one you want to succeed with.

Seriously, there is no better way to make this thing work than with 100% concentration in just the one area. And don’t stop until you succeed…

I don’t mean that you should give up your day job to do this. I simply mean that when you are at home in the evening or whenever, working away at building your online business, just pick one area and give it your best shot.

You don’t even need to create your own products to achieve this. Just find the ones you like and care about, and market these.  For me, marketing products I have created is the best way forward, because I naturally care about them as I made them, so I don’t have to spend days researching my own products.

But to start with you will have to. You don’t have a product yet, and it’s important to know your product and the marketplace it sits in very thoroughly.

targetTip 6 – Have manageable Daily Goals

Set yourself manageable goals on a daily basis.

I used to give myself huge and impossible tasks to carry out. When I didn’t complete them I would beat myself up about it.

The way to move forward, I now know, is to make sure you pace yourself kindly. Certainly at this point in my life I don’t need to chase myself around to get things done. I know perfectly well what I can manage and what I can’t.

I have stretched my endurance to the limit a few times and even made myself ill in the process. Fortunately I recovered, but we are only human, and not unstoppable…

tawnyTip 7 – Get Help and Advice

Don’t be too afraid or arrogant to get some help.

There are many people more experienced and knowledgeable than me or probably you. They can steer you clear of many of the hazards and pitfalls that await you in marketing.

I am one of these people. I have lost count of the lessons I have learned in this amazing world of marketing.

I went to a mentor after 3 or 4 years of trying to fathom it out for myself and it was the best thing I ever did.

I found a dynamic and successful entrepreneur whom I trusted and who gave me the help I needed. I can point you to this UK-based millionaire marketer if you contact me at riconwye@gmail.com.


Or here’s a FREE VIDEO  all about how to get started

These are my 7 Great Tips for now. I have other ideas that can help which I’ll have a go at in the next post.


Best wishes as always

Richard Seaton