The Importance of Consistency in Blogging

Until very recently I had always tried to keep as many plates as possible spinning at once in my online business. I figured ‘multiple streams of income’… that old chestnut.

Blogging has always been a great passion of mine, as you will know if you follow my stuff, and I really enjoy putting my latest ideas and realisations down in print (or online)


Yet my last post on here was nearly FOUR MONTHS AGO?


What happened to my regular posts?


Well, here what happened…

The Project

I have been involved off and on for the last three years in writing my second novel, and as it neared completion I saw that the only way I would ever finish it was to focus down on the book and nothing else until it was done. 

It was constantly lurking in the background and disengaging me from my online business, so I figured if I just got on with it and finished the thing, I would find my focus again with marketing.


Guess what? It worked!!

Although I don’t necessarily recommend you all go and get distracted. This was a project that had been burning me up for literally years. (and literary years too!)

You see, in May of this year my blog was getting around  9,000 to 10,000 visitors a month, and 20 of these each week were meaningful one-to-one engagements.

This was solely due to my regular posting and consistent work in promoting my blog though emails and social media.

Yet this month I only had 1200 visits. So by NOT posting over the last three to four months, I have lost myself 8k visitors.

Sure – not all of them were real visitors, I know that. But the important figure for me was the 20 engaged visits per week, some of whom became subscribers and some customers and clients.


The Good News from this?

Well – three things really.

Firstly, I have completed my novel at last, which is a HUGE achievement for me.

Many authors only ever write ONE book and then disappear forever. By writing my second novel I am now a proper author. 


◄◄◄ (ME HAPPY)




If you are interested in critiquing my book, I will send you a link to some sample chapters to read over. The book is a detective thriller set in the wilds of Rajesthan and Jaipur. I have an agent sending synopses and sample chapters to publishers right now, and I am receiving positive interest to date. I’ll keep you posted on progress if you can re-subscribe to my blog via the email address in the sidebar.

Secondly, I have now seen direct evidence of the importance of consistency, and how quickly we can lose our online presence – although I kinda knew that already. This has revealed to me a new goal which is now my priority.

New Goal

I now want to see how fast I can return my stats to 10k+ per month again, and get going with my marketing once more. Having proved how easy it is to lose visitors, I now want to prove how quickly I can rebuild my online presence.

New Energy

Thirdly, I have now emerged from my self-imposed isolation for the book project, and I seem to have come out of it with a new sort of energy.


Lose Your Idealism about Online Marketing

I feel much more resolved and pragmatic about online marketing. I now see IM as a practical task to accomplish in planned stages and I am far less idealistic about it. It’s a job in the end which just needs doing…

Of course, as many of you who have followed me will know, it’s also a passion and I enjoy it very much. But now it’s not so much about my spiritual journey in growth self-development any more, but more a means of earning a decent living by performing simple tasks regularly.

So subscribe to this blog by email ( as I prefer to communicate directly with you rather than via an auto-responder.

I’ll keep you updated about the book, my goal of re-growing my blog and of course my marketing journey and all the latest successes and failures.

Stay well

– Richard