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Best Friend – Worst Enemy

I’m talking – of course –  about the mind.

On the one hand it’s that amazing tool which can tease out the best logical solutions to complex problems. It weighs up all the pros and cons and delivers the ultimate fix, based on the situation at that particular moment in time.

On the other hand, it’s also the slippery, two-faced, double-talking gremlin which will lead us off in to all sorts of enticing side-tracks – sabotaging our original efforts through distraction.


The ‘lower’ mind becomes transfixed on whatever we focus it upon, and will obsess over a problem until we re-target it to a different one. Once we set a program in motion, the lower mind will keep working on it for the rest of time… just like a computer program …scary eh?


The ancient Chinese game of ‘Go’ is a classic example of the human mind set free. The number of possible moves in Go is actually greater than the number of atoms in the universe!


Maybe the most useful lesson here is to teach ourselves not to be quite so attached to outcomes?

The trick is to learn how to use the lower mind well, by understanding how it behaves in different situations. This means knowing how the emotions, the mind, the physical body and all our higher aspects of awareness affect one another.


Training the mind both internally and externally is a vital part of learning how to function better.

By external education, I mean reading, training and replacing bad habits with better ones.

By internal education, I mean sitting still within and starting to watch the mind and the other areas of consciousness. By beginning to realise that we are NOT our thoughts, but separate from them; a witness to our thoughts.  So we will begin to develop a connection between what we are and what we believe we are… through daily meditation.

Then finally forging this connection between the two states, by bringing the internal lessons out into the particular daily detailed mayhem we call life, and seeing what is really happening rather than being mesmerised by the mind. 

The Bhagavad Gita

In the Bhagavad Gita – ‘the song of the soul’ – these ‘vehicles’ of human consciousness are alluded to as the elements in a chariot. The book is a discussion between the so-called ‘self’ and the so-called ‘soul’ – neither of which truly exists outside consciousness and form.

Pandava Prince Arjuna sits in his golden chariot awaiting the battle. He is often thought to symbolise the soul.

Lord Krishna is the charioteer, who takes control of the horses which can be interpreted as our emotions. They are capable of pulling us in all in so many different directions – rather like the mind when it see a new ‘shiny object’, and loses focus of the primary goal.

Horses are often the same and I know from my own experiences with driving horses, that if we let go of the reins, the horses will veer away and go after the nearest patch of yummy grass.

I won’t explain any more of this wonderful analogy, as all the interpretations will be only my own and of no real value to you. You must discover your own story.

But I do urge you to read the Bhagavad Gita, and tease out what it teaches through meditation, and start to develop your own understanding of how consciousness really works.

Meditation – why?

Because regular meditation is the only chance you will ever get in this lifetime, to be truly alone and see what’s real, rather than the nonsense and confusion your mind tells you is real, based on Facebook. other peoples’ opinions, newscasts and feelings and your own filtered interpretations based on your education, culture, religion, life experiences and conditioning – none of which is real or permanent.

It has inspired me so much since I started my journey into meditation, that  I recommend the Gita to almost everybody who is serious about their own growth and development.  I can point you in the right direction if you need a bit of help getting started?

What’s your experience with meditation?

Has it helped you organise your life and your business?

Also let me know if you enjoyed this post, and if you did I will follow it up with some more in depth explorations into consciousness. I can address some useful subjects based on my own experiences and what has worked for me.  Richard


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  1. Hi Richard. I do a form of meditation every morning, at least they call it meditation. It’s a brainwave entrainment program that is supposed to give the same effect as years of meditation experience. I think what you’re talking about is a little bit different from the more immediate benefits you are talking about.

    I get more of that benefit from reading personal development books. For me, reading is that time that I get to be alone with myself and let my mind process what is real for me and what can be disregarded.

    I think I have a copy of the Gita here somewhere. I’ll find it and add it to my reading queue.
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