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‘A Desperate Need for Approval’

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‘A Desperate Need for Approval’

Which one do cats practice?

Note: If you are new to marketing, please read this short post as it could save your life! In fact, it is so important that I have got out of bed on this Sunday morning at the unearthly hour of 1 am to write about it for you.

There should come a point in your journey into online marketing, when you begin to see the need to step back from what you are doing and take a deep breath. This happens at different times for each person. For me it was early in 2016 – two years in.

Don’t panic when it’s your turn!

The fact is that you will wake up one morning and think to yourself four things…

  1. “Is this endless flailing around, and urgently pushing out my same old message in constantly different forms really working?”
  2. “If it is, then why am I not gaining a foothold and building up a large ‘tribe’ of loyal followers, like all the so-called ‘great marketers’ out there?”
  3. “Am I suffering from a case of self-deception?”
  4. “What shall I do about it?”

You see – the truth is people who affect your loyalty and trust the most, are the ones that pass in front of you subtly. To put it another way, you are unaware that they are ‘marketing’ you.

You are following them, they are not following you.

This mindset change is fundamental and vital to your progress ‘going forward’ (I hate that phrase)

Think about this post, and be honest with yourself about what you are doing, because if you don’t make this transition you will be another of that 97% we all know about.

Now back to sleep…

Richard out!


  1. Hi Richard, I ask myself those questions all the time. At times, my endless flailing around puts me in the mindset of giving up this journey to become a successful marketer. Then I make a little progress and I’m all excited to keep going. It’s kind of a crazy merry-go-round isn’t it. Dean Holland is all that’s keeping me going right now.
    Here’s to our success 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks for the visit. It’s all just a question of sticking with it and keeping going. The successful ones are the ‘last men standing!’ I have been away with some family stuff this month but about to unleash again at the weekend lol.

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