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  1. Hey Richard it’s Dave here,

    I hope you are well i’m an iPro partner but i think you know that already just wanted to contact you in regards to my new Blog now Dean keeps telling us we need one well i have just stated one.

    Please will you take a look for me and make some suggestions perhaps you can view it here at….
    The above link i thank you in advance speak soon.


  2. Hi Richard,

    I was just checking out your blog here , and it is quite impressive. i can see you are multi talented individual.
    Thanks for sharing the barn owl post, my girlfriend loves owls and I am sharing the link with her , she will watch it daily I’m sure !
    I have been in I pro now for a while , but shiny object syndrome and paying bills has slowed my progress. I am at a point now where I’m starting over and rebuilding my IM business. Your insight in the FB group has both inspired me and helped me on my path . Thank you for all you do, and the best of luck to you !

    Captain Kevin

    • Hi Kevin – thanks for the visit and the kind words – The truth is that I reckon we re-invent ourselves week-on-week. The improved version is the one we send out! If we didn’t improve weekly there’d be nothing to post about Ric

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