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Damage Limitation

How to re-establish your online blogging presence

As you know, I recently had some enforced ‘time out’ from my online business due to a series of Real Life Events.

The Problems

A pile of difficult things including health, wealth and other priorities – plus the book thing… (see previous  post – ‘The Importance of Consistency in Blogging)

They all kicked off at the same time, and I had to attend to them with extreme urgency.

And as you will know, you can’t always control RL, only cope with the mess and clean up afterwards…

The Outcome

The most notable glitch was that I didn’t post on my blog for many weeks, with the result that my hits dropped from 10,000 down to 2,000 a month (ouch). The problem with this was that the 20 or so warm visitors who had been engaging with me each week suddenly ceased. 

These ‘warm engagements’ are the life blood of blogging. These are the folks you are getting to know and who are starting to like and trust you. They are the whole point of blogging if you are an internet marketer.

Of course, a by-product of my sustained absence is that not only have people drifted away, but some of them will feel I broke their trust because I didn’t explain what was happening. I should have emailed them all and let them know, but I was too tied up in the ‘stuff’.

What to do now?

That’s the thing. How do I rescue my business and get it back on track fast?

Obviously I need to invest time and money to do this. LOTS of time certainly…

Damage Limitation

  1. Re-establish my relationship with previous clients, customers and friends.
  2. Come up with a great new free product to offer my old list and re-engage them.

New Directions

  1. Re-launch myself (my business – same thing) either in the same brand or a completely new branding if I feel I can’t rescue my reputation. Possibly a refresh to my blog and pages with new photos and headers will help.
  2. Start a brand new list with my new energy and motivation.
  3. Generate a quick income to reinvest in to the rescue mission – probably through a decent affiliate offer.
  4. Write some awesome new posts, all about why I was away and what I am doing about it positively from here on in. (Just like this one!)
  5. Start blog commenting again with the latest posts about rebuilding a blog as the subject.
  6. Share energetically over social media and list build.
  7. Show loyalty to original product list by actively promoting it.

Share Progress as things improve via list, blog and social media.

Please HELP me get restarted FAST!

Please can those of you who were on my old list re-subscribe to this blog using the opt-in form at the top? This will help me greatly

And those of you who were not on my previous list – Welcome to my blog, please subscribe and share.

If you do this I’ll keep you updated how this goes and talk about what I am doing and the results over the next few weeks. I expect to be in a great place very soon, and far more…

A new free video is being put together right now. It’s all about how to raise your online  income quickly, from your first sale right up to six figures and beyond…

I’ll link it to the opt-in form as soon as it’s complete. And those of you already subscribed will receive it as an email link immediately it is done.

Take care

Richard Seaton








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  1. Hey Richard, great post…. one of the things I like best is the direct request to share…. I mean, no one was hurt by you asking, and if you don’t ask, you don’t get! For what its worth I have posted on our Facebook page. It’s marketing in action… build your case, present the call to action!

    All the best with the revival!
    Tony Simms recently posted…The ‘Google system’ for Affiliate newbiesMy Profile

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