Simply Building Your Business

Don’t try this at home!

My biggest marketing lessons so far…

You don’t often ‘get it right’ first time.

Most people don’t and I certainly didn’t!

That’s the nature of learning, which is why it’s called a learning ‘curve’ rather than a straight up vertical line.


The MOST important thing to realise about success – especially with Internet Marketing – is that the definition of success is continuous daily application and NOT overnight intense activity followed by a holiday.

When I started out on this online journey back in 2013, I assumed like many others, that all I had to do was to buy a great program, push some solo ads at it, sit back … and wait.

Warning 1

The problem, of course, was my assumption that the more cash I threw into the pot then the more I would get back. This is true to a certain extent, but blindly buying untargeted paid traffic without due diligent research is a recipe for abject failure.

For me the trouble was that I DID get some early successes from this approach. Some of the leads went through the funnel and I did make sales which resulted in back-end purchases and 4-figure commissions.

I had made it!

I was an Internet Guru at last

It was only a question of time before sales would come flooding in to my account. I didn’t need to do another thing.

Warning 2

The problem was that the few early back-end sales I DID make were not enough to even cover the rapidly escalating credit card debts and loans which were building up from my unfettered glee. A time bomb was ticking.  But I was on a high.

Nothing could stop me.


The banks stopped me in 2016 at £21750, and a good job too…

Of course, I had barely covered the cost of the solo ads in my flurry of insane spending. I took my foot off the gas almost as soon as the car started moving.

That would be why it ground to a halt then, yea?

Remember the definition of success?

Now for the Good News

This week I paid off all those depressing credit cards!


I created a goal

Definition of a goal?

A goal is a dream with a delivery date at the end of it…

One that you cannot avoid

A date set in concrete and varnished with blood.

My achievement date was December 31st 2017 to pay off the whole £21750.

I did it on December 24th

Now THAT was a Christmas present and a half.

I did this through a mixture of hard graft and some good fortune.

The Hard Graft

So I went about scaling up my cartooning and online graphics work and put together some cartooning courses. Then I used all I had learned from my mentors Dean, Louis and Glenn to market them.

The Good Fortune

I managed to create enough interest by careful targeting, some passionate follow-up email marketing and being always available to sell some tutorial courses and monthly memberships to pay off the whole debt.

I consider this my first real online success, not the backend sales from before.

2018 and my Business Restart

I am now totally exhausted from creating my own cartooning products, but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

But this year I have decided to go back to promoting my mentor’s products and let HIM do all the creating for a while.

What have I learned?

I am now in a hugely strong position to really help people with their businesses.

I have been there. I have some mileage on the clock and some real hard knock experiences which I have learned from.

So I can now speak to anyone with authority about online marketing.

I can genuinely warn people to take it slowly and learn the ropes properly before they dive in. I have a working knowledge of the pitfalls that await enthusiastic new marketers, and I know many (not all) of the traps ahead.

I KNOW the huge value of having a trustworthy mentor with a track record.

I KNOW the importance of ‘doing the training’ and of not being impatient to reach the top.

I KNOW how vital it is to have goals and a SIMPLE strategy, and to work it to the letter…

I also KNOW the best internet marketing opportunities out there.

You only need to work one of them.

I just realised something else…

Guess what?

I also know how much energy you have to expend and how much creativity you need to create your own suite of products and market them.

OK I only did it once on a very small scale, but it takes it out of you I can tell you…

A New Free Opportunity this month

Today I was given a preview of something that I think is the ideal introduction for a new online marketer.

It will be available in the next two weeks, and I would love anybody who related to this post to get the opportunity for themselves.


Be the first on my new email list for 2018


So – email me for info, or subscribe at the top of this blog to get your hands on this as soon as it is released.

I will personally vouch for it as I know exactly how it will help you.


Thanks for reading this rather long post, but I really was fired up to write it…








  1. Great post. Genuine. Honest – warts and all. And best bit is you paid of all your debts even though the “bastards” who loaned you the money in the first place did not even have it – (EDIT at this point Michael left a link here which explains the true nature of what happens when banks ‘lend’ you money’. I’ll send you this brilliant interview if you email me)

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