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Gimme the PRIZE!

This post is all about the vital importance of kudos and why you must celebrate your achievements and successes.

As Freddie says – “Gimme the PRIZE!”

We’re talking here not about nauseating ego and self-promotion, and neither was Freddie, but about taking pride in a job we’ve done well, realising your power and seizing it back, knowing that if you don’t then there are plenty of other people at your heels just waiting for you to fail.


You see yesterday I decided to take the opportunity to retrain and relearn all my marketing skills from the ground upwards.  I did the whole certification course in one day! Well done me…


I went right back to the basic principles of marketing, with a certification course that Dean Holland has created and made available to everybody who seriously wants to build a sustainable online business.

The point is that I did a similar training three years ago when I started my IM career. But having just successfully completed Dean’s newly- improved training and certification platform, I have now seen so many areas in MY business that need further work.

I started my marketing journey back in May 2014 when I opted in to a training program called Big Commission Blueprint. It cost a one-off $19.95, and gave me a huge start in my business.

Did You Know?

The original Big Commission Blueprint, the first flagship product from Internet Profits is still selling really well. And did you also know it STILL only costs an amazing one-off $19.95?

Don’t worry – I’m not going to ask you to buy it!

You won’t need to because I have something for you which is FREE and does the same thing but even better, more simply and faster!

But First – a  little more about The Big Commission Blueprint.  BCB – as it’s become affectionately known – is a suite of videos which addresses every aspect of Internet Marketing and tells you HOW in plain and simple language. 

How I started in Marketing

BCB is the very same system that launched many four, five and six-figure online earners on their successful marketing careers – I know many of them as personal friends now. It also  gave me the start I needed way back in May 2014.

I went on to buy the Social Loop Training as well, which was a great Traffic Training program that demystified how to find good quality free and paid leads, and how nurture them in various ways to become customers and eventually high-ticket clients.

My Early Successes

Within two weeks of joining the program, I had started to earn commissions – my first EVER real online income!

OK the first month’s commission was only $35, but that was $35 more than I have ever earned before!

My goal after that first pay cheque was to multiply it by 10 – that’s $350.  In fact, as you can see above, I earned a massive £ 703 the next month, and went on shortly afterwards to land my first ever 4-figure commission – $1,000 for a single sale.

You can watch me crowing about my first 4-figure commission at the end of this post.

But First

I’m now going to suggest that you get hold Dean’s new FREE product – ‘The Perfect Offer’. It gets delivered straight to your door on a free 4Gb USB memory stick. All you have to pay for is the P & P – and even that you can claim back if you stick around (no pun intended) and get involved in growing YOUR sustainable online business.

And you get to keep the memory stick as well – whatever you decide.

The Perfect Offer

So what exactly is this FREE offer – ‘The Perfect Offer’ ?

▼      Click on this banner and let Dean explain how it works        


Now here’s that video of me celebrating my first 4-figure sale I promised…


SO – simply go and get ‘The Perfect Offer’ right now for FREE (plus P&P) like I have suggested to you, and start yourself on the road to your first 4-figure commission too. You’ll thank me one day.

By the way, I’ll be wanting to see YOUR Video when you get your first $$$$ commission!





  1. Hi Richard,

    Yes, somewhere else I read about the power of celebrating your successes. It’s so easy to focus on what went wrong (and lessons learned) that sometimes we forget to notice all the good things in life.

    Congratulations on going through Dean’s course again. I must admit I didn’t realise it had been revamped, so perhaps I missed out 🙂 It certainly seems to have led to some great sales for you. Perhaps I should go through it again after all.

    I wish you continued success with Big Commission Blueprint and Dean’s new courses.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

    • Hello Joy – It’s always a pleasure to see you visiting my blog!

      I usually recommend the mantra ‘Applaud Yourself Daily’ just in case nobody else does! Which you mustn’t rely on 🙂

      Regarding Dean Holland’s things – he has completely revamped all his products and they are much more simple, concise and ‘user-friendly’ as reflected in the interest.

      Although The Big Commission Blueprint still gets good engagement, Dean’s new products are a vast improvement on it in terms of brevity! BCB did tend to go on a bit, didn’t it!

      I would seriously suggest taking a quick look at his current free project called ‘The Perfect Offer’ which is delivered right to your door on a FREE 4Gb USB memory stick. The LINK is up there in the blog post ‘The Perfect Offer” somewhere near the end of the post.

      Thanks again for the visit Joy. Richard

  2. Good stuff Richard. It so helps to take a breath, to simply celebrate our wins. I always woohoo when I receive a client payment. Fun to make money, and it is even more fun to help clients, to serve folks and to do what I do. I am in it for the love, and the profits seem to follow in A-OK fashion too. But if we do not celebrate our wins, you do not set yourself up to see more wins, because where our attention and energy goes, grows.

    Congrats on your cert!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…How to Get Featured on Blogging From ParadiseMy Profile

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