Welcome to my NINJA site for new online marketers...

So let's get straight down to it...Did you know that for every 100 people who start trying to make money on the internet, less than 3 actually stay with it long enough to make any money at all?

My name is Richard Seaton, and I have been successfully marketing since May 2014. 
I am now starting to see regular $1000 commissions sales in my business, and my aim is to help you to quickly do the same.
Quite simply. I want to show you how to avoid being one of the 98% who NEVER makes a cent. 

So, how did I manage to start from scratch and begin 

making great commissions within a few weeks? 

That's what I'm going to show you...

I am going to explain to you exactly what I did to make this happen. In fact, if you access my free video series in the sidebar and work through the tutorials, I'll show how you to set up an internet business that really works, and share with you the simple strategies that the experts are using right now to create online empires.

Heck - I'll even share with you all the stupid mistakes I made on the way, so you can avoid them! 

The first thing that happened to me was I found myself a genuine mentor. For those of you who don't know, a mentor is somebody who has succeeded in his chosen field, and now enjoys helping other serious people learn how to do the same thing. His name is Dean Holland and he lives in the UK. You can find out more about him by clicking the blue banner.

You might also want to check out our Brand New AFFILIATE CLUB which we started to help and support new marketers as they start out.

It's important to understand right away that I am not talking about how to earn some quick cash on the internet. That's easy! What I want to show you is how to build a sustainable business that will end up producing for you a residual income - one that pays you over and over again - even when you are on holiday!

So check out the links on the left, and let's get started right now!