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Inside Out and Back to Front!

Most of the things they teach you about being successful on line are untrue!

What?  What do you mean?

rinseYou know the stuff…advice like “Look at what all the top marketers are doing, then learn it and simply Rinse and Repeat”. How I hate that phrase! I worked in a job for 20 years doing ‘Rinse and sodding Repeat!” and I don’t want to do it any more.  That’s why I stopped the job in the first place.

No No No! That is not how you attract a following and rise to success in your business. 

Becoming a top marketing clone will never work. Richard Branson and Ryan Biddulph did it THEIR way, but we don’t need another Branson or a Biddulph, or even a Ricky Gervais for that matter. We’ve already got one great example of each of them. But we do have plenty of room for a one-off Richard Seaton if you know of one? Or whatever your name might be…

The point is that you can never recreate ‘on the inside’ anything you see on ‘the outside’. You have to be authentic, reverse this mindset as soon as you can and start ‘working from the inside out’.

Working from the Inside Out?

eyeAsk this question.   What motivates you to keep going at this business? It’s not just the results you are getting from marketing, or the feedback you receive from your tribe. That is a part of it but not the real reason.

It’s probably not because you like getting up when it’s still dark to get started either. Although when you are ‘in the creative zone’ you don’t care what the time is…

No – what you have to find is the massive inner energy that REALLY motivates you.  Become the truly authentic ‘you’ so that you are able to sit in that state at any time you want to.  You have now stopped being scared when things ‘go wrong’ out there any more, because they no longer effect or change what you are on the inside.

Have you any idea how powerful this is guys? Having no fear?

It completely frees you up to do what you want and be who you wish. There are no more barriers now, just puzzles to work out and things to learn, and I have no fear of learning either now. Give it to me!

toothOf yea – well there’s still the dentist – but that’s more to do with temporary pain than fear. The dentist doesn’t scare me as such, only the WEIRD stuff he does to maintain my teeth, although even that outweighs the temporary discomfort.

Marketers call this process of getting in touch with the real you – finding your ‘why.’  You can only do it once, by ridding yourself of the fear which controls and manipulates everything you did beforehand.

I was listening to Ryan Biddulph (  recently. I like his approach and find his energy very inspiring, and he tends to work and teach the way I do. He sees marketing as a very simple single-item system of beginning within – with the mindset – rather than being instructed by the ever-changing world outside to perform a set of functions. On one of his video blogs he talks about this in detail. He is very simple in his approach which is why he’s at the top of his tree in the travel-blogging lifestyle niche as a result.

The Consequence Culture TM

We live in a ‘consequence culture’ as I call it. Everything you do, or fail to do, seems to have an implied penalty on your happiness and health. You stop work (good thing!) you lose your home (bad thing).  Everything is carefully arranged to keep you running the wheel. And all those fears are holding you in pattern formation and stopping you from being free to realise who you really are.

whateverSo you need to get the point of being able say to yourself, “I really don’t give a crap what other people think. This is who I am and I am totally OK with this creative and powerful person. I know what I want and I don’t need anyone’s approval.”

It’s a wonderfully empowering place to arrive at, believe me. It’s not based on your bank balance or how many bedrooms you have in your house. In fact, when I arrived at this realisation some time ago, I was in debt to the tune of $35k and we only had one bedroom!

But from this point on I was completely fine with my circumstances, because I knew they were only temporary and would change, but that my still reality inside was changeless. I was and am  ‘in my moment’ all the time. It is the only moment there truly is.

How do you break free from your fear?

fearThe real answer to that involves doing some work. Yep! However, the good news is that it’s the only real work you will ever need to do, because once you have stepped outside your fear zone and out of the ‘consequence culture’ of brainwashing, everything just continues to flow. You need to keep your mindset ‘topped up’ but that’s easy.

I personally found meditation and a bit of rare self-discipline really worked for me. I tracked somebody down in the UK, after a lot of research, who taught meditation one-to-one and had a great reputation. I put in the time with the system he taught me. Some people don’t want any of that stuff, but it’s what worked for me.

Don’t be a Clone!


The next step is to find out what you have to say.

What is your message? Who are you and what do you love to do that defines you in the physical world?

Is it travel, the ability to go where you want and when you like?

Maybe you are a musician or a painter and would love the time to pursue these passions?

Untitled.pngwheelPossibly you have a yearning to sack your boss and be an Entrepreneur?

At this point – if you are just looking for a money-making business opportunity you will have stopped reading this by now, which is fine – it’s your life. Get back on the Hamster Wheel of Death…    Bye…

If you are still with me read on…

Far more important than your ‘How’ again is your ‘Why’. You have to find the motivation to make that break and see the need for you to do so. The mechanics – as in everything else – are the easiest bit.

You will find a lot of people out there who try to teach ‘motivation’. I don’t see that myself. I think you have to be motivated before you start. It has to be in you. The main reason, if we are honest, why so many people fail on line is because they never set out to succeed in the first place. They just wanted to make some money.

What I’m talking about is a complete shift in the way you live your life. If you haven’t done so yet, you will come to the point of seeing this for yourself if you continue with this adventure.

I can direct you towards some great opportunities if you have yet to arrive at this radical point. They’re all over this blog… any of the free things I promote on here will get you nearer to that goal. I have done them all myself and they work. That’s why I continue to promote them.

If you need a few pointers on which direction to go in from here – email me  or you could access our flagship training system which started me off in the right direction.

Let me show you what I do

Learn the same system I have been using for three years and discover the  5 key elements you need to create a recurring income simply by giving stuff away for free.

It’s how marketing works now, you generate trusted engagements by giving away massively valuable free products, and make helping other people your number one priority.

You will grow a good reputation for being trustworthy online and people will ask you for advice. This way you enable people to grow their own businesses and grow your at the same time. 

Here is the 11-module video course I started off with. which covers all the areas you need to understand in order to build your business. We will soon be upgrading this system with a brand new and more expensive training which is now being thoroughly tested, but at the moment you can still get this system for just $19.95.

  1.  How to get all the qualified traffic you need, when you need it –  free and paid traffic.
  2.  MORE IMPORTANTLY – Where to drive all that valuable traffic, so that each lead gets the best chance to become a customer.
  3.  What happens to those buyer-leads? They have trusted you so far. How do you continue to market to them? Leave it to us to start with.
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  5. Eventually – if you want to – you ca start to create and market your own products – or continue to promote ours. Plenty of people don’t want to create products, and  just stick to becoming expert traffic drivers.  …and much more.

  Find out more about this ‘Business In A Box’ Here. You are protected by a cast-iron – and there’s a no-quibble 30 day guarantee so you have to at least take a look… 🙂











  1. Michael Gilbert

    30th March 2016 at 2:04 pm

    Great post Richard.

    Sometimes even the dentist can be fun


  2. Dear Richard,
    you knocked me out with this post. I love this post. You are writing from a special place and it is so wholesome. I love the humour in it especially about the ‘go back to the hamster wheel and die then’, it made me laugh.
    You have so much to offer here. Keep doing it in this way and I will check out Ryan Biddulph a lot more now and I love passionate people. One thing, his link was not clickable but not sure if you wanted us to just copy and paste.
    I would also love to know what plugin you use for the amount of visitors etc on your website….so enjoyed this post it really is who you are…..Jennifer

  3. Thank you, Jennifer for that awesome comment. If people can’t discipline themselves enough to read through a short blog post, then there’s no hope for them! It just wasn’t meant to be! 🙂 I didn’t make Ryan’s link clickable, because everyone will leave my blog and go and read his… If they want to they can C/P the link. I use a free thing called Stats Counter on the blog along with a plugin called … (need to check the name of it lol brb) Here it is…Traffic Stats Widget. Richard Thanks again

  4. Lol! This was great, it is so lovely to read something that is engaging , funny and full of practical pearls of wisdom.

    • Tania – thank you so much for that lovely comment. This is what keeps us doing the lonely job of blogging – that and seeing people using the stuff we work so hard to put out there – which I am sure you know already as a coach. I just visited your site. How well designed and simple – I love it. Do you draw you own cartoons? I am working on doing that for my site – drawing my own graphics. I love this business! 🙂 Richard

  5. Hi Richard,

    Great post, with lots of words of wisdom.

    It took me a long time to decide to be myself on my blog. But it’s actually the only way I could keep going, because pretending to be someone else all the time would be too exhausting.

    I’ve had people telling me I include too much about my family and my “other” business, and people saying my lifestyle (busy and stressful) makes them shudder. Well tough. That’s me, and it’s no good me trying to pretend I’m all laid-back and a high-flying socialiser, because I’m not and I wouldn’t actually want to be.

    We have to be who we are. I love Ryan’s blog, but even as I read it there’s a part of me that just wouldn’t want to keep island hopping – I’m a home-bird. (And I bet he bumps into enough bugs and spidery things to give me a daily heart attack.)

    And I’m sure he’d be the first to say he’d go nuts lodged firmly behind the keyboard in my house in Harrow with my small circle of clients and friends of 30+ years.

    Each to their own. But it took me a long time to be confident enough to decide that.

    Finding my direction is a bit of a work-in-progress for me. I’m not after “the high-life” and, having done the sums, I’m not blogging because I’ll go bust tomorrow if I don’t.

    I’ve been self-employed for about 80% of my working life and there’s something inside of me that just HAS to do it.

    Friends and family laugh at me and say I should “retire and relax” but I don’t know if I’d even get up each morning if it wasn’t for my online and offline businesses. Being a “lady who lunches” just isn’t enough for me, so instead I am…….

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

  6. Hi Joy
    Thanks for that cool comment. You sound just like me. I spent half my adult life trying to find out how to live. Some folks seem to sort that out in the early years and get going faster than I did. But it’s been fun just getting to this point. I certainly don’t blame parents and family, but I think if parents instilled self-esteem and confidence at an early age by helping the children learn their life skills, we would all have an easier and happier time. I’m a parent and see where I could have been better of course.

    Anyway – just being authentic is such a relief now. I can move forward finally in the direction I want rather than the one everyone else wanted for me lol Richard

  7. Hi Richard,
    Wow what an awesome post that I truly enjoyed.

    It’s fabulous to see you sharing like this – right from the heart.

    In a post full of real gems there was one thing hat really stood out for me and its something I’ve written down for future reference! To quote you – “so many people fail on line is because they never set out to succeed in the first place. They just wanted to make some money.”

    What an unbelievably insightful comment mate.- can I quote you?

    Love your humour as well and the add in of the dentist was a nice touch.

    Thanks for sharing your expertise and experiences Richard – awesome indeed

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer


  8. Hi Peter – thanks for dropping in. Of course you can quote me (” © The Ninja Blogger © “) I like that comment too. You know how it is with blogging Peter. You ramble on for a few lines – get in a flow and suddenly a gem falls out. You’ve done it often in your vlogs. Thanks for the lovely feedback mate. I must look in to these pesky SM Buttons. Best wishes Richard

  9. Hi Richard,

    I enjoyed your post.

    It’s so true that we can’t become somebody else. We are humans and one great thing about it is to be yourself. Many people find hard to become who they truly are. They often think people won’t like them anymore. In fact, I realized that more I become myself more people like me.

    The first steps are scary and you need to be brave to find yourself and your truth. It’s definitely worth trying!

    When you talk about “Why?” I would add that sometimes we don’t find it where we think we could. I tried to motivate myself with a sports car, beautiful house, payed-off mortgage, … Nothing helped me. I found my Big Why when I realized what I don’t want. If someone is struggling with his or her why I suggest to find out if there is something that he or she hates. This thing can help him or her make a step forward.

    Thanks again for your post and all your support.

  10. Hi Richard,

    This post is hilarious and instructive at the same time.

    This I love: Get back on the Hamster Wheel of Death… Bye…

    You need to do more of these type of posts- straight from the heart. Balance it with some leadership building content and you’re on a winner.


    P.S. How do we share your content? You dont have any social media icons
    Kim Willis recently posted…14 Marketing Mistakes That Most Businesses MakeMy Profile

  11. Hi Kim – Thanks for the ‘social media buttons’ heads-up – I have just changed my theme today so I’m still tweaking it all – hope that looks more straightforward now… Ric

  12. Hi Richard. As with the rest of your commentors, I really enjoyed your post. Working from the inside out is the only way to go. Your mindset is really all that matters. You can have all the techniques and gimmicks and never make a dime (though you’ll probably lose a few) if your head isn’t in it. When you have the proper mindset, then the techniques and gimmicks don’t matter. You’ll find a way to succeed and nothing can stop you.

    Great post.
    Ben recently posted…How to Filter Water When BackpackingMy Profile

    • Hi Ben – Sorry for the delay in replying , I was completely redoing my blog theme and appearance. It was long overdue, because if something has gone past it’s ‘Sell By’ date we must replace it. I really enjoyed your post about filter water. Going back to basics is a great way to clear confusion and reset the hard drive in your head. I’ll leave a comment there. Thanks for stopping by Richard

  13. Richard this is a really fantastic post. For nearly a year now I’ve been listening to ‘gurus’ telling me to ‘rinse and repeat’. Problem was I’ve never copied anyone in my life. I’ve always done my own thing and it’s gotten me into trouble more than once.

    You’ve had the courage to write what I’ve been thinking. I think my reluctance to voice the same sentiments has been down to the fact that, until a year ago, this industry was very new to me. I haven’t felt qualified to ‘do it my way’.

    Truth is I’ve looked at, watched and listened to many gurus over the last 15 months. People, like Dean, Louis, Glenn, the Morrison brothers, Ryan Biddulph and I’ve learned a lot from each of them. But I am not them and they are not me.

    Your post is 100% correct and I really enjoyed reading it.

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