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Live Barn Owl Nest Cam!

About the Barn Owl Nestbox Webcam

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But I decided to post this link because everyone keeps asking me for it!!  

I will update this post at least once per day with a pic and info as a continuation…rather than a new post each time.

This barn owl nestbox webcam is situated at Lorton Meadows Nature Reserve, near Weymouth in Dorset and is kindly sponsored by

Here’s the webcam link

You can follow the progress of this pair of barn owls over the next few weeks, as they incubate their 8 eggs, and bring up the fledglings.

It will be emotional!

There are about 4000 pairs of breeding barn owls in the UK. I used to see them every evening when I was a gamekeeper back in the 1970s but now they are a rare sight.

Here’s the link

LATEST UPDATE Monday – 15th May

The 5th egg hatched today at 9 am


UPDATE 8th May

We now have 2 chicks and 6 eggs yet to hatch. The third egg should hatch around May 9th or 10th. All four of the owls look healthy, with the youngsters both feeding well. The eldest owlet now has a go at a vole on this own. 

It really is fascinating to hear all the different calls they make to each other, Take a few minutes to see this amazing website. And please leave comments here…

UPDATE 9th May

14.20 today and the third egg just hatched. The owl chicks are thick underfoot now, and mum has to tread carefully. Join in the fun  Here’s the webcam link

UPDATE 10th May

All three chicks shared a mouse – everyone looks well and hungry. I just read that an owlet needs 2-4 voles or mice per night and later as many as 10!  Adults will get through 6 per night. That’s a lot of voles…

UPDATE 11th May

She’s now holding food and letting them start to feed themselves instead of breaking it down for them – fascinating to watch.

LATEST UPDATE Saturday – 13th May

Friday 12th was a wet day and the male was unable to find food. He seemed to loose interest and just sat about preening. Then he realised there was NO FOOD, and brought back 4 voles in half an hour. He now seems to have ‘manned up’ to being a dad and there is plenty of food again.

I guess even owls have to learn parenting!

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  1. 15.30 on Sunday 7th May – we have a second owlet! 2 out of six now hatched – pictures soon…

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