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My Absence

Sometimes, when your world is going well, and you are so very sure you have covered all possible eventualities, the unforeseen happens…

In my case, this was a disabling illness which lasted from the end of November until today – two months later!

I have always been very robust and positive about life. I usually shake off illness in a week or less. Most times I carry on regardless…

sickSo you can imagine how miserable I have been over the last two months, during which time I was unable to focus or concentrate, and where I was on the verge of a deep lethargy for most of the day. This lack-lustre even spun off in to depression for a week or two – something I never experienced before.

The very idea of writing a blog post or even firing up the computer was an anathema. I couldn’t read for more than two minutes before the words became meaningless, and just a distant and confusing memory.

But now I’m back

energyFortunately, this unpleasant time has now passed, and my energy has returned. I feel like I have new batteries at last! I hope they are ‘Long Life’.


I was also very sad not to be able to attend an important seminar with Dean Holland in London at the end of January, and I know my business and I missed out big time as a result.

So instead…here’s a short video testimonial of me at the 2016 seminar in Nottingham


Huge  I.P.  growth is under way for 2017

What I can tell you, however, is that there are some massive plans under way in 2017 for Internet Profits, and that there has never been a better time for you to become involved with us, in building yourself a rewarding online business, provided that you understand there is some steady and consistent work involved in doing this.

This is not a Quick Rich internet programme for generating free money online, but rather a carefully-crafted business system that has been tried and tested at every level.

My own results

I joined Internet Profits in 2014 via their then $20 Flagship product called the BCB. It was a 1-2-3 guide to making money online from a standing start, and was stuffed full of vital do’s and don’ts for the beginner.

Within a week I had generated my first ever online income, and I earned $35 in my first month. Then I started to get membership commissions – this was my first residual income that went in to my account each month.

These commission were $49 each and they continued from month to month. I was now able to reinvest this money in to growing my business further, paying all my software and ad costs. Being self-sustaining is the first sign of success.

The customers who came in to my business were buying my ‘front end’ product – (the same one I had bought at the start) and were then moving though the various funnels which offered them further products if appropriate.  These are now my customers for life…

Here’s me being very happy with my first $1000 Commission!



Within eight weeks of joining, I made my first Big Commission – leveraging your successes is an important part of marketing – your enthusiasm will be contagious (here a video of me announcing my success!)

This was followed by another one shortly after. I now knew I could do this!!

And so can you!

HERE is the exact same link I clicked that got me started

If any of this resonates with you – please get in touch via email or message me on Facebook, and let’s have a chat.

There’s never a better time than now…



  1. Hey Richard,

    So glad that you’re back! I’ve missed seeing you blogging, so it’s really great to see you back on here.

    Most importantly, I’m glad you’re feeling better. It’s never easy coping with health issues and it can be particularly frustrating when they cause us to miss out on something that we were looking forward to, such as in the case of the event. But there will be more opportunities and it’s far better in the long run that you took whatever time was necessary to overcome your illness.

    I look forward to seeing some wonderful gems from you again 🙂

    Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Why Making Money Online and Online Business are NOT the Same Thing!My Profile

    • Thanks for that nice comment Glenn. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you! I have a new f/e offer going live this week to replace the 2-Day T & C course, so I’m heads down finishing that at the moment as part of my blog ‘spring clean’. I’ll let you know when it goes up…

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