bwMy name is Richard Seaton, and I have been marketing on and off line since 2011





Before On Line Marketing

Richard Seaton - 2For many years  I worked in the Health Sector – privately as a chiropractor and Spinal Therapist from 1980 until 2003, and then in a huge NHS hospital, as a Materials Manager for 10 wards with a weekly budget of £40k.

Richard Seaton - 12The hospital  was gruelling work, and we were always under-staffed and over worked. So one day I decided to go back to self-employment, but my 10 years away from private practice made it extremely hard to get re-established – especially in a new town.  I was not happy with my return to Spinal Therapy, and had ‘lost interest’ in doing the work. The passion had gone…



In 2011 –  I decided to set up as an entrepreneur.

I first of all tried to make money with affiliate marketing for 3 years, and joined some well-known and reputable companies.

I began with Kleeneze, a company that has been around for decades. You basically build up a local round of customers, leaving a catalogue of home cleaning and other products at peoples’ doors, and they order from you, based on the convenience of not needing to go out of the house to shop, plus cost and variety. Success is also based on the good reputation of the company and their product quality.

I actually enjoyed this a lot, until my round started to get ‘poached’ by another distributor who didn’t have any ethics. I didn’t want to stand up and fight over it so I looked for something else.

Having always loved graphics and print, I started to sell Phoenix greetings cards.

I was also hoping that Averil and I would learn enough to start marketing our own designs at Downland Graphics – a cartooning and design company I ran as a hobby. 

Phoenix Cards is a  UK company that is very successful and again has a good niche reputation. This involved building a team and doing coffee parties. Nope! I was head-hunted away from Phoenix by my upline – ending up with Forever Living Products –  another market leader with a great reputation, but too many ‘ra ra’ meetings and coffee mornings.

I started looking on line – something which had always scared me. I was an ‘old school’ marketer. None of this digital nonsense for me!

I first looked at Empower Network (blogging for money) and DS Domination. DS is a drop-shipping system that uses company free shipping policies to buy goods from big retailers and sell them on line for profit. International tax and shipping regulations meant that there are far too many ‘shady’ areas in this set-up for me to relax with.

Then One Day in April 2014…

This is exactly how it happened. I was ready to forget the whole thing and work as a shelf filler at Tesco,

But one evening  I was clicking through some ads on a rotator called ‘List Joe’, and I spotted a video by Dean Holland which somebody had put on there.

I was very inspired by the man’s sincerity and clarity. He was saying that the reason  98% of people fail with internet marketing is because they never get shown the true picture of how to make money online. He said he had the solution in a product called The Big Commission Blueprint. He also gave a cast iron guarantee of 100% refund after 60 days if I hadn’t made money on line.

I quickly decided to order the BCB, and was stunned by the content – not just the quality but the amount!! 9 one-hour videos!!  (It now consists of 11 – be warned!!)

Here’s a free video from Dean Holland himself as he personally walks you through it. This is the very same video I watched in 2014 that got me started!

The Big Commission Blueprint Free Video

I was hooked and went on to become 100% focussed on what Dean was teaching. Shortly after I signed up as a Master Partner, to get my on line business really moving forward.

I had a great deal of help from him and his team on my way to this point, and luckily realised early on- the importance of finding a successful mentor to inspire, educate and motivate me.

My Primary Business Goal
My main aim from here on in my business is to help other marketers like you  to quickly get started and see results from their efforts.

Here’s a short video I made about my business… ‘How I Started Out’

We often get disheartened at the start, and it is important to get out of the grid fast and furious…

To bypass the ‘newbie phase’ and start earning and re-investing quickly…

‘…earn as you learn…’

Quite simply. I want to show you

how to avoid being one of the 98%

who NEVER makes a cent on line!



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mobile:  UK: 07736 505906

Skype:    Tallus61  (email first to set up a call…)