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5 SIMPLE Bedrock Tools for Earning Daily Affiliate Commissions


The First Thing to know is that Affiliate Marketing isn’t complicated – that’s a relief?

In fact it’s very simple. I’ll show you how simple in just a moment.

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What is Lucky Break Marketing?

cat-1287594_640Lucky Break Marketing in a nutshell

This is what people do when they don’t have a business or a strategy. I did it a lot myself when I started.
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My Black Book of Secrets # 4

‘All That Glitters is not Gold – but somebody will probably try to sell it to you anyway’


It’s really all about discernment and discrimination and learning to spot the diamonds in all that poo.
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“All Hat and No Cattle”

“All Hat and No Cattle”

I believe this great phrase comes from Texas. I first heard it on a webi with Kim Willis recently, so I’m unashamedly stealing it for this post

Here a drawing I did to illustrate the point!


Just like the ranchers with big hats and no cattle, all the flimflam, hot air, smoke-and-mirrors Snake Oil salesman are trying to romance you out of your hard earned dollar.

They don’t have businesses at all, apart from the one of extracting money from your wallet in any way they can. They call it marketing, but we know it isn’t.


How do we sort the hats from the cattle?

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Killing The FEAR Monster

Creating Your First Ever Product
…and 5 Great Reasons Not to Bother


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Why the Flying Squirrel Can’t Market for Nuts..

Here’s an infographic I drew up at 2 am today on a brainstorming whim. (Don’t try this at home)


The point I am making here is pretty obvious I hope. But let’s talk through it for the ‘hard of thinking’.

The Amazing Flying Squirrel can’t actually fly.

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How to Dump Struggle

StruggleIs there a difference between Struggle and Effort?  

Let’s look at that…

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Living In a Sales Funnel

HEADfunI lived in a Sales Funnel for Years…

…and yet I had never even heard of a sales funnel until 2 years ago, when I started to learn about online marketing.
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Marketing with Juno


I’m not a great fan of billion-dollar Nasa projects, but I am a huge supporter of amazing human achievements.

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How to Become a Global Mindset Marketer

tree-569586_1280This short post should strike cords with those of you who know where I am coming from.

When we write a great post or make a cool video, and put it out on the internet, we are mostly unaware of who reads it or how it affects them. 

But something we say or write can bring about a huge realisation for the reader, who may implement what we said and make sales from it. Maybe it has changed the way they will do business for ever. We may never know…
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