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So how come I get 6000 hits per month on my blog?


My friend Peter Beckenham – The Village Marketer – is a well-respected and highly knowledgeable online marketer and awesome video blogger. I have known him a while, and always enjoy his honesty and clarity. 

We all excel in our own areas of expertise, and last week Peter asked me…

“Richard. Care to share with us how you get 6K+ traffic to your blog every month? What promotions do you use? Is your email list a huge one that you send to your blog? Sorry for all the questions but I’d love to know…”

Well here it is.

The answer to how I get 6000 hits a month on my blog. You won’t like the answer unless you know it already… Here it is – Simple Daily Consistency. Doh! Is that all Richard? SDC … really?

Yes. It really is nothing more than that. No mystery, no guru tricks. OK. Yes I did spend a lot of time learning from my endless mistakes. But that’s what we all do.

My saying for this post is… ’Gurus are just people who have made more mistakes and had more failures than you have, and they have kept going just like you will.’

Here’s what I do every day…

I use the main Social Media platforms every day, and share all of them with all of them. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Blab. Etc

I also comment on a minimum of 3 top blog posts per day, and never leave a comment until I have posted a new blog post myself, so that it appears in CommentLuv as the next post for new readers to find.

Twitter has actually been one of my hot traffic source successes. I am steadily growing my followers and learning how to engage with them and keep them following. I remember celebrating when I got to 30 ENGAGED Twitter followers. I now have 460. That’s not 460 followers. That’s 460 people whose names I know and who regularly retweet my posts for me and visit my blog.

Building My Own List

We have to build our own list.  OK – let me rephrase that.  I have to build my own list.  No matter whose awesome products we decide to promote, if we want to be true entrepreneurs, I believe  we have to be the source of what we do, not a messenger for somebody else.  

Of course you can become a fantastic promoter for other people, and not create your own stuff at all. There are many people who do this solely, and make shed loads of money.  

But I have always been an awkward cuss, and usually go for the line of greatest resistance. That’s just me. 

listMy list has grown and died several times. It is far smaller now than it was a year ago.  This time last year I had almost 2000 people on the list.  I kept them all on there because, to be honest, I thought that the bigger my list the more chances of success.

That’s called ‘Self-Deception’. It is the thing that most failed marketers suffer from. Somebody once said ‘Assumption is Death’ – it may have been Kim Willis lol. If it wasn’t it should have been!  (apologies to Kim)

Most of them never opened my emails, so I trimmed it and trimmed it, from ‘Never Opened’ (gone) through ‘Open Occasionally’  (long gone) down to ‘Often Open’ which currently stands at 360.  So that’s 360 mostly engaged people. To be honest I could easily have another go at it and get it down to 200, but I have to preserve some dignity here!

And Now – Answer this question ‘What is learning?’

To be totally honest, I don’t listen to much advice. I tend to ‘learn on the hoof’. Is there honestly any other way?

Of course there isn’t.  You only really LEARN the things you discover for yourself.  Cloning other peoples’ ideas and learning by rote is not learning. It’s exactly what it says it is – copying.

You can only be ‘authentic’ with your own stuff – obviously.

That is a very vital and basic thing to understand. YOU are the only authority on what you know.  The opposite side of that is you can NEVER know what other people have learned. Your take on life will be different.

ducklingsTo quote somebody I admire (JY) “There are no repeats in Creation”





  1. Great and informative post. Love the part about trimming your list and preserving some dignity. For sure building a subscriber list is very important but I think you are right to let those subscribers go who are not engaged. After all, what is the point in having 2000 subscribers if 1700 never open your emails (or only occasionally). Far better to build a solid relationship with those who do engage with your communications wouldn’t you agree. Not really a fan of the “churn and burn” approach to subscriber management.

  2. Hi Richard,
    So now I know the secret – a lot of bloody hard work.

    Very well done my man – you really do deserve all the rewards that are flowing your way.

    Creating a post every single day as well as provifding valuable comments on at least 3 top blogs every day is a huge commitment.

    I feel in awe of you Richard as I have only created 1 post every week and even that is a real stretch for this old Aussie.

    It was fabulous how you shared some of the inner workings of your business – the email “cropping” is a lesson we must all pay attention to.

    Thanks again Richard and its easy to see now how you have achived 6000 visitors per month – and every wsigle one is fully deserved

    You’ve made me feel old and lazy by comparison Richard

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger


  3. Ha Ha Peter – I happen to know that is blatantly untrue! You work at this 24/7 even when you are asleep 🙂 But thanks for the big up R

  4. Hi Richard,

    It’s good to get a different perspective from time to time, that’s why I enjoy visiting your blog.

    Interesting to see you’re getting good engagement etc on Twitter. The other day I crossed the 40,000 follower line, but only a small % are active and share my stuff etc.

    Recently I started being more aggressive. Now I asked them a pointed question and see how many respond. I’m getting a good increase in engagement since I;ve been doing it.

    Of course, traffic is only part of the story. We want leads right? Well, that’s another story for another day.

    Thanks for your happy post, Richard

    Kim Willis recently posted…Home Business Success: Eggs in One Basket, or Spread the Risk?My Profile

  5. Thank you Kim. I understand completely what you said there. “…Of course, traffic is only part of the story. We want leads right? Well, that’s another story for another day…”
    I have asked Kim recently for his experienced overview on my business, as I rate his no BS approach as very useful . ‘Leave your feelings outside the door and focus on reality’ Never be too arragant to seek advice guys…and take it when it’s offered.
    So – again – thanks for visiting and offering your input. Richard

  6. Hard work plus strategies win the game. Thanks for sharing Richard. Great stuff and energy here!

  7. Ah Richard great to hear you are getting such good engagement on your blog. I have restarted again a blog in just my name and need to take advice from you and post every day. I have half written posts that if they were on paper would reach from my place to yours. (and that is a very long way) I shall be digging them out now.
    Your thoughts on culling your autoresponder subs reminded me of Kevin Kelleys views in 1000 true fans. Quality is far better than quantity
    Thanks for another great post

    • Hi Jenelle – Thanks for popping in! I’m getting plenty of visits and page hits – but engagement is not the same as visits (as you know!) The real task is turning those 6k visits in to optins and followers. It’s improving well, but I always enjoy tweaking it and trying to improve the stats. My tracking software must be overheating by now! I’ll be over soon to see what you are up to in all that stormy weather! Ric

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