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 Rules are made for breaking

At school, were you always the one getting into trouble for breaking the rules?

The chances are that if you are an entrepreneur then you probably were the one… I know I was!

So, were you like me, always trying to see how far you could push things before you got shouted at?

For me, it wasn’t so much that I didn’t respect the rules, but more that I didn’t see how one person could have the right to control the behaviour of another. I still think that way today.

All the kids in my peer group knew that, of course. So they goaded me to say and do all the bad things they were too scared to do, knowing I couldn’t resist the temptation. They all thought it was hilarious!



Most people require rules to function. Like trains, they need to know that they are on a safe track which will take them in a given direction – even if the eventual destination is unknown!  (I know – it doesn’t make sense to me either!)


Comfort Zones

We all have comfort zones – those areas of safety which surround us. There’s the physical comfort zone, where we feel threatened when people invade our space. Then there’s the psychic zone of fear which we prefer to stay within. 

We create habits and patterns of behaviour which we endlessly repeat to keep ourselves safe and avoid stress. Every day we do this because it’s easier than learning new stuff.

Marketers are always banging on about ‘going outside your Comfort Zone’ and facing your fears. The only way to learn new stuff is to put yourself in a scary situation you’ve never been in before, and see how well you cope and what you need to learn to feel confident and safe again.

Awesome Trivia FACT…


Ostriches DO NOT hide their heads in the sand to escape stressful situations. Here’s what they actually do…

Do you like that feeling where you go out on a limb, crack the problem and then feel awesome?


Here’s a graphic I created for Instagram which I think explains it quite well.



When I started Internet Marketing, I needed to get an Auto-responder up and running. The problem was that I had no idea at all what an email list was, why I needed one and how to build one in the first place.

I bought a series of 23 professionally-written emails with promo videos, all leading to a funnel of offers, and set about trying to slot them all in to an email sequence, embed the videos and send them to my list.

It took me 18 hours of non-stop work but I did it in one hit!


So ‘Don’t Get it Perfect – Just Get it Going’

As Sir Richard Branson says, ‘…when you find a great opportunity, grab it and do it, you can learn how later…’ or words to that effect.

You need to learn this mantra and use it regularly.

“Don’t Get it Perfect – Just Get it Going.”

It means that the initial fire, energy and motivation you have for something will diminish fast, and it’s the first flush of power that has the most effect. After that you are repeating patterns, so it’s vital to use every bit of that first flash while it is pulsing.



I call it ‘Your Passion’.

I’m a huge believer in finding that passion in everything we do.

There is nowhere that this applies more than with Internet Marketing. The best way to be passionate about what you do is to own it.

If you create your own products and claim responsibility for them, you are going to be completely passionate about them. In the end – your brand is you.

Here’s a video I made about Passion.

The reason it works so well is because I am 100% passionate as I make this video, and I think that comes across in the video

What do you think? Let me know if you agree?

And that cartoon link I promised in the video ? Well – you can find my latest daubs and scribbles in the menu bar at the top under ‘IM TOONS’

You do know about re-purposing yea?  Where you take some content like a video or a blog post and share it over multiple platforms like Slideshare, YouTube, Twitter etc? If not ask and I’ll post about it? 

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  1. Hi Richard,

    Thanks so much for the shout out 🙂

    You rock man. I have been in the same space; I had to figure out that I was OK, as I was, and I didn’t have to follow other folks. I could simply be me, follow my passion, and shine by doing that.

    Great to see you back doing what you love.

    Rock on man.


  2. Thanks for visiting Ryan. For me it was the moment I stopped worrying about outcomes and started focusing on the writing which is the part I love. I’m sure it’s the same for you..

  3. Hi Richard,

    It’s great to read your post. I was busy with my projects, that’s the reason I was inactive a bit, specially reading & commenting was completely off.

    But Anyways, Thanks for the interesting & informative read. Keep up the good work and enjoy the holidays.

    A Very Happy New Year Richard! Cheers

    ~ Donna

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