entrepreneurWiki says it is “having the capacity and willingness to develop, organise and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a PROFIT…”

Does this definition describe you, and do you agree with it?

I think this is far from complete.

For me, a real ‘entrepreneur’ also has to create the idea in the first place. There needs to be a personal and emotional stake in the concept right at the start, and the best way to accomplish this, is to market yourself from day one.

faultBecome your brand, find your passion and immerse yourself in it. This way, failure is not an option, because if you are still here, then you are still succeeding. Hiding behind another brand is like ducking responsibility for what you are doing.



The internal monologue goes something like this ‘it’s not my product, so if it fails, it’s the fault of the product or its creator, not my marketing… I can always move on and find a new and better product to promote.’
When you produce your own product, your message is clear. ‘I stand behind this product 100%, because it is the fruit of my being.”

There is nowhere to hide now, because you are wearing your heart on your sleeve.

peacockImagine how your prospective customers and clients will see this. You can’t hide your authenticity behind a veil of legalise, because you are your product.


This takes huge courage and self-belief, but aren’t these essential requirements for being and entrepreneur in the first place?

Feel free to comment, and PM me if you are struggling with the idea of starting your first ‘own product’, as I can definitely help you move past the terror of the start… 🙂 been there. Any niche or genre – from dog collars to jet skis or online tutorials – they all work the same way… Ric