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Who Bothers to Read Facebook Profiles?

This post was prompted by my trawling through some Facebook Profiles today, to see how I could up my game.

The fact is that I now think some people really need to up their game, as my profile is not half bad! Hope this helps.

So, who actually bothers to look at Facebook Profiles?

Well actually, anyone who wants to know more about you, and is possibly at the point of deciding whether or not to take you seriously.

You see, I know for a fact that at least three people have engaged with me in the last two weeks, just because they have read my Facebook Profile.

And how do I know it was because of my Facebook Profile? Because they all told me…

As a result of this one-off piece of writing, they have bothered to get in touch and ask me more about what I do online. All three went on to invest in my front-end tutorial videos, producing three new sales for my own products in the last two weeks.

But three sales isn’t much, is it Richard!

No it isn’t. But these three customers have also opted in to my email list and are now receiving regular updates on the various other great products I offer.

Two of the three have already moved through my sales funnel to become residual income clients going forward, and may well purchase a high-ticket sale in the future.

So that’s 2 x $47 per month, plus the three initial purchases of $19.95 = $153.85. Just from tweaking my Facebook Profile!

SO! Here’s my first ever Great Sales Metric for You

A Well-written Facebook Profile = more Engagement = more Sales

My Old Profile

Last year, my Facebook Profile consisted of an almost apologetic one liner. I think it was basically a rehash of my tag line. ‘Let me help you build your online business…’

Then I got to thinking ‘Why would anyone respond to that pathetic and desperate plea?’

Desperate is NOT attractive

That profile is actually going to put people right off. They don’t know who you are, how old you are, where you come from, why you market or what you have achieved.

Why would anybody possibly want you to help them?

My profile isn’t the greatest, but do take a look at it and then compare it to your own. I improve it often. Then spend some time thinking about how this post could help you improve your online presence.  

Take a LOOK here  and let me know where I can improve my profile… thanks.

It tells my story, and uses humour to let people see I am human. It is short and to the point, and anyone who reads it will either be drawn to know more or run a mile, which is what I set out to do.

BY THE WAY! Go to ‘About’ > ‘Details About You’ to edit your Facebook profile… if you never have before.

Let me know if you can see areas of improvement I need to consider as well. If you need a hand with your profile just contact me…


  1. Comments welcomed on this Home post – Richard

  2. Hi Richard.

    I know that people look at profiles. I get friend requests from complete strangers all the time, so I check out their profile for clues about why they want to connect. I’m in MLM so usually it’s either other distributors in the same company I am in or other network marketers who want to spam their opportunity on me. I accept the former and reject the latter.

    I’ve never noticed the “Details About” section before. That is definitely on my to-do list for tomorrow. Thank you for that.

    Since I was already there I went ahead and sent you a Friend Request. I post everything on my business page ( if you want to follow me there. If not, please accept the request and I can see and share what you post.
    Ben recently posted…How to Get In the FlowMy Profile

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