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Working with your Passion

Do you ever feel like you are forcing yourself to be enthusiastic about something in which you have no interest whatsoever?

I can remember how I spent hours at school in maths classes, trying to stay awake and learn, yet was always near the bottom of the class when it came to tests and exams.




The reason?

I was completely bored out of my skull. I assumed I was just too stupid to understand it all and could see no practical use for maths at all! So I dropped out of education completely and found myself work as a gamekeeper and forester.

After 4 years on the hills I went back to college, and tried to pick things up again. They said I should get a maths qualification if I wanted to go to university.

“Oh no!” I thought “…here we go again.”

But I couldn’t have been more wrong.

From the first minute in that class I was hooked. The teacher was amazing, and so enthusiastic and passionate about it that I caught the bug. He made the whole thing sparkle with interesting stories and examples, and he kept giving us problems he knew we could solve at our individual level, then pushing us on further to think of what would come next.

I suddenly realised that I was OK and I actually could do this stuff. In fact, I went on to be pretty good at it.

A Good Teacher

So why the complete change? This great teacher had enabled me to find a passion for maths. I was very lucky to end up in his class. It was totally due to being inspired by this teacher that I gained enough confidence to try again.

Now here’s the thing…

I used to feel the same about marketing online. I was a failure at it, and thought it was just boring and tedious to spend hours learning all this stuff.

Then one day and completely by accident, I found a free video that someone had made all about his marketing journey.

It was doing the rounds on a cheap click rotator website. This marketer was talking with infectious passion all about what he did, and seemed to make marketing completely absorbing and interesting.

I couldn’t get to sleep after seeing that video. So I bought the introduction course of videos for a one-off payment of $19.95. I remember being awake at 3am and still going through all 11 of the videos until I finished.

His energy came through on the video, and again I felt the excitement of knowing I had found something I could do. He seemed to be able to dig down deep and communicate his passion via video.

What is Your Marketing Passion?

So pick out one or two of the things that really inspire you, and think about how you can adapt them to the niche you want to promote. The idea is that the passion you feel for your particular subject can be transferred through to the products and ideas you are marketing.

The important part to always remember is that people don’t buy ‘stuff’, they buy you. Many good marketers seem to be able to find that enthusiasm for whatever they promote.

I don’t know about you, but I can always detect when people are faking their enthusiasm. That’s why I had problems in the early days with ‘selling’. Maybe I was too ethical, but I just couldn’t sell what I didn’t believe in.

So I had to find the great products first of all. In the end for me, the best way forward was to create my own. That way I was 100% loyal to them.

You see, I love to write and also to draw. In fact most of the cartoons that appear on this blog are mine. So for me, although it took a few years to break it all down, I am happiest creating and promoting my own stuff.

I am very motivated by getting an idea and creating a fast cartoon from it. Even quite involved ideas can be expressed quickly in a simple line drawing once you get the hang of it. 
I also love marketing via video, and I am told that I have a knack of projecting this energy well on video interviews. It is very rewarding when people pick up on my passion and engage with me.

So that’s how I do it, and how I maintain my enthusiasm. I believe 100% in everything I promote.

Seek Help…

You remember that marketer I mentioned?

Well, thanks to working closely with the creator of Internet Profits – Dean Holland – as my mentor,
I now have these skills at my fingertips whenever I want. It’s the way I do my marketing and I love it.

Would you like to see the video that got me started on this journey?

►► Here it is… ◄◄

Learn To Engage

It took me a long time to realise that without this passion for what I do, people would not engage fully with me or listen to what I was trying say to them, but boy was it worth it.

You still have to learn all the stuff and do the training, but if you stick with it, at some point the whole thing will CLICK for you too.

You’ll have Your ‘Light Bulb Moment’

Don’t worry! You will suddenly get your first ‘Light Bulb Moment’ too. And believe me, there’s no greater feeling. It’s like a breeze has suddenly blown away all the fog and you can see for miles.

So find your passion as well and link it in to how you market. Forget about money and results and just do it.

These things will follow as surely as night follows day. Sometimes you have to go through the grind to get to the passion, and sometimes the passion comes first.

Here’s a video I made recently called ‘Finding Your Passion.’ I hope it helps

Just keep going…


  1. Hey Richard,

    I couldn’t agree more! I was almost the exact same way as you, but with me it was math, English, and history…

    In fact, about the only thing that I was truly passionate about was sports.

    I am with you that Dean Holland is very passionate and truly cares about the people! He is infectious and injects that passion into people.

    When I got into online marketing, I found myself in it for all the wrong reasons… MONEY…

    It was not until dealing with Dean that I changed my mindset to actually helping people. Luckily for me it seems that through all my years of sports, I also found out that I actually really enjoyed helping people.

    By the way, your cartoons and drawings are fantastic! I really enjoy looking at your art and reading your blog.

    Can’t wait to read the next post!

    Best Regards,
    Jeff Sollee
    Jeff Sollee recently posted…Marketing Mindset – Before Your First DollarMy Profile

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